School aims


In St. Joseph's, we aim to:


  • Implement all aspects of the Northern Ireland Curriculum.

  • Create a safe, enjoyable learning environment where effective learning is facilitated and quality teaching is provided.

  • Promote an environment where every child’s learning is developed within the context of their individual needs and attributes through a broad and balanced curriculum.

  • Help our pupils to develop a positive attitude towards school and a love of learning.

  • Value, respect and nurture every child in our care.

  • Encourage pupils to respect themselves and others and to support and care for one another.

  • Equip our children with the necessary life skills to enable them to

    participate in a fast changing society.

  • Develop and strengthen each pupil’s understanding and love of Catholic values by promoting the Catholic ethos throughout the school.

  • Involve the parents, Board of Governors and wider community in the life of the school.